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At each meeting we have information and training on general tree care, profile one species of tree,  and

our Beginners Corner where members new to the hobby can get their questions answered.

08 January 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study:  Camellia, Pat Filipowski


  • Soil Mixes
  • Bonsai Resources and Vendors
  • Preparing for Spring work

05 Febuary 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Quince, Winnie Dunn


  • Fertilizing Basics
  • Repotting Fundamentals
  • Choosing Nursery Stock

05 March 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Pieris, Pat Filipowski


  • 4 Steps to Creating a Bonsai
  • Ceramics used in bonsai

  • Spring Fundamentals

  • Informal Upright Style

Saturday Workshops, locations TBD, 12th, 19th, and/or 26th

02 April 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study:Willow Leaf Ficus, Brett Darlington


  • Preparing trees for exhibit
  • Watering fundamentals
  • Pruning Fundamentals

Saturday Workshops, locations TBD 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

07 May 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Alberta Spruce, Jenny Maccarelli


  • Bonsai Taxonomy
  • Pinching techniques
  • Paul: Air Layer Demo
  • Windswept Style
  • June Bonsai Show plan

Saturday Workshops, locations TBD, 14th, 21st, 28th

04 June 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: A Variety of Elm, Jack Ward


  • Photographing Trees, Collection record keeping
  • Broom Style
  • Partial Defoliation on Deciduous
  • Show next week!

Annual Show at Botanical Gardens: 10th – 12th

July 9th 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Burning Bush, Winnie Dunn


  • Collecting Yamadori

  • Formal Upright style

  • Tree Evaluation—live exercise

  • Bonsai Anatomy

August 2022

Brunch at a members home, date/location TBD

03 September 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Bald Cypress, Keith Lansley


  • Tree Cleaning
  • Moss Removal
  • Twin Trunk style
  • Recognizing Phomopsis/Dothistroma in Juniper
  • Fungus and Pest Treatment
  • Deadwood: examining, cleaning, hardening, lime sulfur

01 October 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Chinese Hackberry, Gail Ward


  • Fall Tree Physiology
  • Apical Formation
  • Tree Evaluation—live exercise
  • Forrest Style
  • Slab planting

05 November 2022

Monthly Care Guide

Species Study: Alligator Juniper, Gordon VW


  • Winter Preparation
  • Leaf drop Deciduous Pruning
  • Cleaning Conifers
  • Cleaning Deciduous 
  • Slant Style
  • Tree Evaluation—live exercise

03 December 2022

Holiday Party

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Anyone interested in Bonsai is welcome to join the Virginia Bonsai Society. 

Membership dues are $35.00 per year for individuals or $50.00 for families. 

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Monthly meetings are held at Greenbriar Church, 1101 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, 23320




Most months, we meet on the first saturdays at 9:30:am, but please refer to our Calendar

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